Quick Tips for Building Muscle at Home


Is getting fit a new year resolution for you? Perhaps the goal is to expand those guns or chisel out that chest and ab. If you are saying yes to healthy living, here are some great tips for building muscle at home.

Flattening the Tummy
One way to get rock hard abs is by doing simple full body planks in your bedroom or sitting room. On your first day, start with a 15 seconds plank as you incorporate other sets to your morning exercises. Make it 20seconds the next day, 30sec the other and gradually build up the seconds all the way to 90 seconds.

To complement your planks is another simple routine known as the scissors kicks. By lying flat on a work out mat, or even the ground, bring one leg up to a parallel position with your body then take it down as you do the same with the other. Place your hands under your back to lift your lower abdomen for the routine to have its maximum effect. Start with 10 scissors kicks then 20 then keep adding the counts up to 100 scissors kicks. You should feel your tummy tightening within the first 30 days of serious scissors kicks.

Here is a third trick to get that six pack going, the boat pose. Now you should brace yourself as this one is a bit tough; sitting on your workout mat, a flat surface, lift both legs up and balance them in the air by moving your upper body slightly back. You should form a slight acute angle around your waist and both hands should be pointed directly in front. Start with a 15seconds boat pose and keep adding 5 seconds each day until you are comfortable doing a 2 minute boat pose any day.

Broader Biceps
Push ups can be a real pain when doing them the first time or after a long period of not working out. This is because you are using your own body as the weights and no doubts you will pant if you gained several pounds last year. To stop you from giving up, just start small with 5 push ups a day; if you have more energy do 5 more in the evening. Graduate to 10 push-ups then 20 paying attention to your form to avoid injuries.

Pull Ups are your second routine which honestly may be tougher. Using a horizontal bar above you, hold onto the bar with both hands then pull yourself up and down in determined sets. This time you body acts as a weight and gravity throws in the needed opposite downward force. Start small, 10 pulls up a day and add more counts when you get used to it. This work out will also build your shoulder muscles.

Reverse push-ups are terrific for building muscle on the back arm or triceps. Building your triceps helps gain more strength in your arms, not forgetting how they give your arm a balanced look. Start by sitting on a bench with both palms pressing on the bench from either side then push your body forward to suspend it. Your feet should be stretch out straight with only the heels touching the ground. Slowly lower your body down to the ground then back up in about 10 repetitions each day. Built the counts to 20 and even 30 as you get used to the routine. Your triceps will start shaping and complement your biceps.

Building muscle around the waist and arms doesn’t require gym sessions. At the comfort of your home, using your own body as weights, the above six exercises should get you the body of your dreams.

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